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Enova’s Structure

Enova is like no other energy company in Australia.

It’s not only a renewable energy retailer – it’s also a social enterprise with a not-for-profit arm, Enova Community.

Under this unique business model 50% of net profits (after tax and reinvestment) generated by the retail arm, Enova Energy, will be used to fund Enova Community and be redirected back into community.


Holding Company


Energy Retail & Technology Advisory


Not For Profit
It was structured like this to:
* Reduce carbon emissions
* Keep money and jobs in local regions
* Bring renewable energy to all householders, regardless of wealth
* Share Enova’s energy model with communities across the country

The overall goal? A national energy business that empowers Australian communities to become energy independent using 100% local renewables.

Enova Energy

The retail arm
Enova Energy currently sells electricity throughout regional NSW (with plans to expand to metro NSW and other states soon). It offers a range of renewable energy plans for households as well as businesses.

It now has an impressive customer base and continues to grow.

As well as buying solar power from customers’ individual rooftops, Enova will also source renewable energy from local community projects established by Enova Community such as microgrids and solar gardens. It also actively promotes green energy options.

Enova Energy is working towards 100% renewables and aims to buy all of its power from renewable sources. 

Enova Energy was the first electricity retailer to offer a generous 16c/kWh feed-in tariff (FIT) for rooftop solar generation – among the highest FITs on the market.

Enova Community

Enova Community is helping people...
Enova Community is helping people, towns and regions build a decentralised energy system where households and businesses can generate, store and share their own renewable energy and lower costs.

By taking care of their own energy, communities can then keep money circulating in local economies to benefit people, jobs and businesses.
This will build stronger communities.

Half of Enova’s profits (after tax and reinvestment) go back into community renewable energy projects, education and energy efficiency services.

Projects Enova Community has already embarked on include microgrids, solar gardens and community-based partnerships.

Microgrids enable industrial estates, streets and apartment blocks to share renewable power among themselves and be self-sufficient.

Solar Gardens allow people who rent or who are on low incomes to access solar panels, ensuring everyone can join in on the renewable energy transition.

At Enova, we’re putting the community back into business.
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