A message from Enova’s founding team

In 2016, Enova Energy made history as Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer.

It is our vision that as communities and companies show initiative, our political leaders will also gain confidence and have the courage to change policies to favour renewable energy in our country. We believe that together we can create a renewable energy revolution that tackles the urgent challenge of climate change.  The community’s position was also brought to a head by the fight against fracking.

We decided it was time to take action and to create a positive renewable energy solution for people in the Northern Rivers, and potentially other communities throughout Australia.

The goals we set for Enova have been the same since we first had the idea to:

  • Keep profits and jobs in the community
  • Reduce our region’s carbon footprint
  • Create a model that benefits all socio-economic groups
  • Establish an energy model that can be recreated by communities across the country
  • and eventually, to produce enough renewable energy locally to meet all of our customers’ energy needs.

In 2016, we began accepting our first customers. By September that year we had nearly 800 customers and the number increases by the minute.

Why is Enova Different?

Our model brings exciting possibilities to the energy sector, particularly in the way we generate and distribute solar and other renewable energy. In the past, community-based renewable energy projects struggled to find a retailer who would purchase excess energy – the large companies just haven’t been interested. Enova will not only buy this power, we will also work with communities to help bring their renewable energy projects to life.

The structure of Enova – with its energy retail arm Enova Energy Pty Ltd channelling 50% of profits to its not-for-profit arm Enova Community – is also a first for this sector. Enova Community will help bring solar to all households regardless of income so everyone can join the shift to renewable energy.  The win-win outcomes for community and environment that we’ve had since the outset have brought widespread support for Enova since 2014.


How was Enova started?

The idea was sparked in discussions with the North Coast Energy Forum over a few years, and progressed during the Community Energy Conference in Canberra in July 2014. We won a NSW Office of Environment and Heritage grant to carry out a feasibility study, which showed a strong business case to continue. This led to us being awarded an Energy Retail Licence in 2015 conditional on us raising $3 million capital to cover prudential guarantees, fixed operating costs and cash flow requirements.

Our goal to raise at least $3 million was realised following fantastic efforts by so many people and organisations, the dream was realised in late December 2015…..

Successful Capital Raise – December 2015

Thanks to overwhelming community support for Enova and tireless work from our team and volunteers, we successfully raised close to $4 million capital from 1,093 shareholders between August and December 2015 through the Enova Community Energy Ltd Prospectus. The majority of our shareholders live in Northern Rivers, but the capital raising sparked national interest and we have shareholders from every state and territory in Australia.  We celebrated with our supporters – hear what they have to say about why you too can also get involved by becoming a customer and grow the story:

Since the start of 2016, we’ve been working intensely to prepare for our customers. We set up our office, connected our IT, telecommunications and computing systems, and we prepared all of our processes from pricing to supply to billing, to comply with many levels of government regulation. We fine-tuned our business strategy along with the energy plans and solar services that we offer. And as we continue to grow, we’ve been recruiting staff and training our volunteers.

The story continues…  Join us, get switched on and become a customer, and be part of ensuring Enova’s success and growth in both the Northern Rivers and Australia.

Enova Co-founders


Enova’s founding team [L – R Alison Crook AO, Steve Harris, Melissa Mac Court and Patrick Halliday ]

29 October, 2018

Renewable Community Energy Expanding

Enova Community Energy today announced plans for a community-based electricity retailing partnership – the first of what it hopes will be many such announcements across Australia that will allow towns, suburbs and regions to take control of their own energy supplies.
27 September, 2018

Crowd-sourced Funding Offer 2018

We’re seeking out ordinary Australians who want to power the future with renewable energy. People who are passionate about moving away from fossil fuels like coal and gas, and who want to support innovative ways to bring renewable energy into every home and business in Australia.