Community Sponsorship

Enova Community Energy is a social enterprise, and when Enova Energy the retailer becomes profitable, 50% of after tax profits will go to our Not for profit Arm, Enova Community, for use in social benefit projects, which will likely include making grants to other not-for-profit organisations in the community. We have not yet reached that position.

Sponsorship is considered differently and it is provided through Enova Energy, our retail company.

Enova Energy includes sponsorship in its marketing activities and as with other organisations, we consider its use to be to gain awareness with specific audiences. However, sponsorship requests to Enova which provide opportunities for direct sales of Enova Energy plans will be considered most favourably.

Enova does not consider sponsorship a donation, but as a partnership transaction where funds are provided in return for the potential association with an event, occasion, person or organisation etc. that will assist us in achieving our marketing objectives i.e. where there is mutual benefit.

When requesting sponsorship, please consider that although Enova is a unique community-owned company in the electricity retail sector, and growing from strength to strength since our launch in 2016, we are also a young start-up company mindful of our community shareholders in all our business expenditure decisions.

Guidelines for proposals to Enova:  

All requests for sponsorship must be sent to the Marketing Manager

Please note:

  • Sponsorship of political parties will not be undertaken.
  • Sponsorship audiences must be within the operating area of Enova Energy.
  • Sponsorships must be consistent with the Enova’s image and identity.
  • Sponsorship which could involve Enova in controversial issues or expose the company to adverse criticism will be avoided.
  • Three months notice minimum is preferred for all sponsor requests to allow for planning.
  • All sponsorships entered into will need to be designed to deliver quantifiable marketing objectives demonstrated by a plan.

Checklist – please provide as much information as you can to help us make an assessment:

  • Describe your event, organisation, timing, history, experience, rights and insurances as appropriate.
  • Include quantity and demographics of membership, audiences, attendance. Audiences need to match in terms of geography and other demographics to enable Enova to consider if the offer is a cost-effective marketing tool.  Would your organisation’s members, attendees, participants, audience be relevant to Enova’s services?
  • Include information and background to support the “fit” for a partnership. Natural synergies are important – we seek opportunities when our organisations match in objectives, or audiences or complement each other.
  • Can you demonstrate audience information, in particular if an event? E.g. surveys, ticket sales, web traffic or other metrics or media background.
  • Provide information on any additional costs associated with sponsorship.
  • Provide information on potential benefits.
  • Can you offer any on site concessions? E.g. Can your organisation become a customer of Enova, waive fees for exhibiting, presentations etc?
  • What does your sponsorship offer Enova that other mediums cannot?
  • Will it directly sell Enova services?
  • Will sponsorship increase Enova’s visibility? (e.g. signage, advertising, presentations).
  • Will it improve Enova’s standing in the community?
  • What media will be made available? Can you estimate the exposure value, or provide any past exposure samples.
  • How many other sponsors are you seeking? Name current and/ or past sponsors.
  • Will the audience receive multiple impacts/ what is the frequency of exposure?
  • If an event, what arrangements can be provided if there is a cancellation?

Please email us on in the meantime.

Guidelines April 2017