20 June, 2017

Energy Saving tips

Let us help you save energy and money
30 April, 2017

Enova Leading the way in changing Environment

The industry is on the brink of transformation. Enova Energy – Australia's first community owned energy retailer is just one example of how things can be done differently
30 April, 2017

Solutions to the energy crisis

The current national debate focuses on many potential solutions including: storage technology, improved connection between the states, earmarking a portion of gas for domestic use only and more sophisticated grid management.
30 April, 2017

Energy Transition Debate Affecting Prices

Energy technology and new and alternative energy sources are evolving rapidly along with their economic viability. We've known for many years that fossil fuels will need to be phased out.
30 April, 2017

Transparent Pricing

The most recent Grattan Report findings suggest that in the wake of industry deregulation (which occurred over a decade ago) energy companies are not delivering innovation in customer service nor are they delivering more competitive pricing.
29 April, 2017

Growing Energy Crisis Affects Your Energy Bill

If you've been following the stories in the media, you'll know that there are big changes happening in the energy industry in Australia. It's been reported that energy prices are set to rise and there will be large-scale 'blackouts' caused by impending energy shortages.
17 April, 2017

Energy retailers can change prices at any time

In New South Wales, if you are an energy customer on a variable price contract, your energy prices can be increased at any time. If you are a customer on a fixed rate plan, then initially you’ll pay more for energy, but the rates won’t change for the duration of the contract, which can be one to two years. Variable rate contracts take two forms – standing offers and market offers.
9 March, 2017

Energy Price

Energy pricing is complex. The cost to supply electricity varies every 5 minutes and the price that retailers pay to buy electricity on behalf of their customers is averaged over a 30-minute period.
11 February, 2017

Interviews via Radio

Radio Interviews with CEO Steve Harris, CEO and Alison Crook AO , Chair, Enova Energy. Topics range from renewable energy, future technology, Enova's community business model - how it differs from the energy industry's large corporations.
30 October, 2016

All about renewable energy

Renewable energy is obtained from resources that can be constantly replenished and don’t emit greenhouse gases. About 15% of Australia’s electricity is currently generated from renewable sources.