12 December, 2017

Radio National Interview with Enova Chair Alison Crook

In part 1 Alison Crook explains how Enova Community Energy was established to offer an alternative to the existing energy retailers by buying locally produced energy at better prices, while keeping jobs and profits in the local area.
6 December, 2017

Ensol Energy Efficiency

6 December, 2017

Microgrid for Byron Bay A&I Estate

Attendees at Enova Energy's promotion event to local small businesses were presented with the potential of a Microgrid for their neighbourhood.
18 October, 2017

What does a lower cost, lower emissions future look like?

As part of Enova’s mission to empower consumers with knowledge, this article has been written to talk about the current issues surrounding Australia’s move towards a renewable energy future and how it might be achieved.
14 September, 2017

Where does Enova source renewable energy?

Enova's energy sources vary. We we want to support community-generated renewable industry where possible. As of September 2017, we introduced new renewable energy options to all our plans so all our customers have access to affordable renewable energy.
20 June, 2017

Energy Saving Tips

Let us help you save energy and money
30 April, 2017

Enova Leading the way in changing Environment

The industry is on the brink of transformation. Enova Energy – Australia's first community owned energy retailer is just one example of how things can be done differently
30 April, 2017

Solutions to the energy crisis

The current national debate focuses on many potential solutions including: storage technology, improved connection between the states, earmarking a portion of gas for domestic use only and more sophisticated grid management.
30 April, 2017

Energy Transition Debate Affecting Prices

Energy technology and new and alternative energy sources are evolving rapidly along with their economic viability. We've known for many years that fossil fuels will need to be phased out.
30 April, 2017

Transparent Pricing

The most recent Grattan Report findings suggest that in the wake of industry deregulation (which occurred over a decade ago) energy companies are not delivering innovation in customer service nor are they delivering more competitive pricing.