8 June, 2017

Enova Energy Announces On-Target Growth and New Managing Director

As Enova Energy wraps up the 2017 financial year, the strategic forecasts are positive as the company announces positive growth and a new Managing Director. Tony Pfeiffer, currently a board director of Enova Community Energy, replaces Steve Harris, Co-Founder and CEO on July 1, as Steve steps back into retirement.
6 June, 2017

Get ahead of rising energy costs

Most Australian energy retailers have forecast price hikes from July 1. Enova Energy Coaches conduct FREE home assessments to find energy savings. Something as simple as turning appliances off at the wall can result in savings. Enova Energy helps another small region to create an energy-aware community.
31 March, 2017

Solar Bulk Buy in the News

This is a great chance for people to move to solar to help protect themselves from rising energy prices. And at the same time our Not-For -Profit arm will receive funds to help with energy education and community benefit programs such as solar on social housing.”
23 March, 2017

Strong Leadership by Locals for Renewable Energy

“Mr Franklin showed great interest in what we’re achieving here at Enova through our commitment to the regional economy – creating jobs and keeping profits local,” says Enova Chair Alison Crook.
15 March, 2017

Enova announces joint initiative to increase the uptake of solar

Now Enova Community, Enova's not-for-profit arm, is taking this strategy one step further, by launching a joint initiative with COREM and Suncrowd to roll out a bulk buy offer across the Tweed, Byron, Ballina, Lismore and Richmond Valley Shires.
15 March, 2017

Gratton Report – Northern Star Article

The Grattan Institute's latest report, Price shock: Is the retail market failing consumers, has delivered scathing critique of the impact of deregulation on household electricity prices.
14 March, 2017

North coast residents ripped off

North coast residents ripped off by solar tariffs: MP And the CEO of local community energy company Enova, Steve Harris agrees with Ms Smith, saying Enova Energy is already paying above the Victorian minimum.
13 March, 2017

Enova’s social enterprise helps local community groups

Enova Energy helps two community-based projects, fulfilling its objective of creating energy aware communities and supporting local social initiatives.
3 March, 2017

Best Solar Feed-In Tariff

Get the best rate for the solar you generate.
16 February, 2017

Vic Government Studies Enova Energy’s Business Model

Enova Energy CEO Steve Harris, has welcomed a delegation of five Victorian MPs keen to learn more about Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer.