8 August, 2017

PM Talks Hopefully Signal Start of Industry Change

As the Prime Minister holds price talks with the major energy retailers, our local community-owned company, Enova Energy, believes that this is only the starting point for industry change.
26 July, 2017

Keeping the Lights On

Since the flood in Lismore, LightnUp Inc., the organisers of Lismore Lantern Parade, has moved to new premises. They now need to address the issue of needing more lights inside their new home for lantern-makers to be able to work in bright, well-lit conditions, but they also need to keep energy bills as low as possible, and are keen to make a contribution to reducing carbon emissions. To help, the organization has called upon local community-owned renewable energy company Enova Energy to help it install solar panels on the roof of the new building.
7 July, 2017

Enova increases FIT to 16c

Enova has announced a new solar energy plan, Solar 16 Plus, which has a 16cent/kWh Feed-in tariff (FIT). It is one of the highest tariffs on offer in NSW and a 33% increase over Enova’s previous market leading 12c FIT.
4 July, 2017

Byron Bay FM 99.9fm Interview with new Managing Director Tony Pfeiffer

Interview with new Enova Managing Director, Tony Pfeiffer
29 June, 2017

Renew Economy: Enova Hits Out At Greed As Prices Jump

Enova hits out at greed as energy price rise. RenewEconomy.com.au has become Australia’s best informed and most read web-site focusing on clean energy news and analysis, as well as climate policy.  It is read widely among the industry and policy-makers, and others with a strong interest in the transition to a low carbon economy.
29 June, 2017

Community Owned Enova Energy Offers Silver Lining Despite Price Rise

As Australian energy retailers announce price rises for customers, our local community-owned company, Enova Energy, is helping customers to cope with these increases.
8 June, 2017

Enova Energy Announces On-Target Growth and New Managing Director

As Enova Energy wraps up the 2017 financial year, the strategic forecasts are positive as the company announces positive growth and a new Managing Director. Tony Pfeiffer, currently a board director of Enova Community Energy, replaces Steve Harris, Co-Founder and CEO on July 1, as Steve steps back into retirement.
6 June, 2017

Get ahead of rising energy costs

Most Australian energy retailers have forecast price hikes from July 1. Enova Energy Coaches conduct FREE home assessments to find energy savings. Something as simple as turning appliances off at the wall can result in savings. Enova Energy helps another small region to create an energy-aware community.
23 March, 2017

Strong Leadership by Locals for Renewable Energy

“Mr Franklin showed great interest in what we’re achieving here at Enova through our commitment to the regional economy – creating jobs and keeping profits local,” says Enova Chair Alison Crook.
15 March, 2017

Gratton Report – Northern Star Article

The Grattan Institute's latest report, Price shock: Is the retail market failing consumers, has delivered scathing critique of the impact of deregulation on household electricity prices.