Why Enova?

  • Community Owned

    We invite you to join with other locals and help build your very own community-owned renewable energy company. > More

  • Renewable Energy

    We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and exist so you can choose a local energy company with genuine environmental credentials. > More

  • Sustainable Community

    A self-reliant and sustainable community. Our plan to get there and how you can paticipate. > More

  • Power To The People

    Help build local renewable energy sources. Enova is developing renewable energy sourced from local renewables. > More

  • Your Board

    Community based board with serious expertise. > More

  • Your Management Team

    Experienced energy industry professionals with commitment to renewables. > More

  • Local Jobs and Profits

    Keep jobs and profits in the community, and when you call us, you’ll be speaking to a local.
    > More

  • Energy Solutions Provider

    More than retailer and more than technology provider. We’re here to help you explore your energy options.

  • A Social Enterprise

    50% of Enova profits go to our not-for-profit arm to invest in education and social projects to let everyone join us on the renewable energy revolution. > More

  • Shareholders

    1093 shareholders. Interested in buying or selling shares? Check out our shareholder noticeboard.

    > More

This is what power to the people looks like.

Energy Plans

How can we help ?

  • How does GreenPower work?

    GreenPower is government accredited renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste.

  • What is Enova’s Centre of Excellence?

    Enova is committed to instigating change and making sure the Australian energy industry evolves.

  • How is Enova different?

    The aim of Enova is to do things differently. Our goals are to:

  • What kind of meter do I need?

    As an Enova electricity customer you can have any meter. If you are an Enova solar customer, you can have either a gross metering system or a net metering system.

  • I don’t have solar. Can I join Enova?

    Yes. Enova has a range of options including green power and solar.

  • Will I benefit from a battery?

    No, you don’t need a solar battery, but it is the way of the future. A battery enables you store the solar energy your roof panels are producing, so you can use it on a rainy day.

Keep in touch with YOUR Community:

Keep in touch with YOUR Community: