Why Enova?

  • Community Owned

    We invite you to join with other locals and help build your very own community-owned renewable energy company. > More

  • Renewable Energy

    We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and exist so you can choose a local energy company with genuine environmental credentials. > More

  • Sustainable Community

    A self-reliant and sustainable community. Our plan to get there and how you can paticipate. > More

  • Power To The People

    Help build local renewable energy sources. Enova is developing renewable energy sourced from local renewables. > More

  • Your Board

    Community based board with serious expertise. > More

  • Your Management Team

    Experienced energy industry professionals with commitment to renewables. > More

  • Local Jobs and Profits

    Keep jobs and profits in the community, and when you call us, you’ll be speaking to a local.
    > More

  • Energy Solutions Provider

    More than retailer and more than technology provider. We’re here to help you explore your energy options.

  • A Social Enterprise

    50% of Enova profits go to our not-for-profit arm to invest in education and social projects to let everyone join us on the renewable energy revolution. > More

  • Shareholders

    1093 shareholders. Interested in buying or selling shares? Check out our shareholder noticeboard.

    > More

This is what power to the people looks like.

Energy Plans

How can we help ?

  • How do I get a copy of my Holding Certificate?

    If you are an Enova shareholder and need a copy of your shareholding certificate for any reason, you need to contact the share registry company, Automic.

  • How can I tell what kind of meter I have?

    You can’t tell what type of meter you have (gross, net or smart meter) just by looking at it. But you can call us.

  • How do I buy Enova shares?

    Enova’s initial share offering is now closed, although occasionally individual shareholders put their shares up for sale. We are keeping a register of interested buyers and you can add your name to the list.

  • Can I be an Enova Customer?

    To see if we service your area, use our postcode check.

  • Analog, gross and digital meters – what’s the difference?

    Analog meters are the original meters used by electricity companies to measured electricity usage. These meters are being replaced by more modern electronic meters which have a digital display. People often confuse digital meters with smart meters, but smart meters are more advanced than digital meters

  • What area does Enova service?

    Enova provides electricity and solar to most of New South Wales. To see if we service your area, use our postcode checker.

Keep in touch with YOUR Community:

Keep in touch with YOUR Community: