100% Community Generated Renewable Energy

Enova has introduced Energy Plans that make it easier to access affordable renewable energy, and, you can choose up to three additional ‘addons’ to help with Australia’s transition to renewables.

One of these options is 100% community generated renewable energy, sourced from the Enova community.

Community Renewable 100 Community Energy

This is 100% Community generated renewable energy, sourced from the Enova community.

Community Renewable Energy is something we had a vision for when Enova was first started.  It is designed to support the development of community produced small scale energy.

Using solar supplies sourced from rooftop solar, solar farms and gardens, including Enova’s own office rooftop, Enova will sell excess solar to all customers who want to have a positive impact on the environment.  By purchasing this option, customers are committing Enova to source an equivalent amount of renewable energy from the community and feed it back to the grid. This helps support the continued growth of small scale community renewable energy.

If you’re in an apartment, or you’re renting, or you just can’t (for any reason) install your own solar panels, then this plan means you can join the solar revolution anyway!

Buying community generated renewable energy means you will be taking part in a pioneering initiative that’s changing the way energy is supplied in Australia.

As demand for energy supplied by Enova grows, and as Enova increases its supply reach, we will also be investing in other renewable energy such as wind, hydro and biofuels.

How Community Renewable Energy Works

For 3.6 cents/kWh ex GST, 100% of a customer’s electricity purchased is matched with  renewable electricity generated via Enova’s community of customers with rooftop solar and small to medium solar farms.

Community Renewable 100 is available as an ‘optional extra’ to all our energy plans and it is volume-based.

For example if you consume 100kWh of electricity, Enova will source 100kWh of community generated renewable energy. It may not necessarily be produced at the same time that a customer uses it, but Enova will match 100% of your usage.

The program to provide community renewable energy will be independently audited each year.  The results, together with the amount of renewable energy purchased and sold under the program will be published on Enova’s website each year.

Optional extras to add to your plan and help fast-track to renewables

All customers can choose to make a positive impact on the environment by selecting up to three affordable additional renewable energy options as part of their energy plan:

1.       Community Renewable 100: 100% Community generated Renewable Energy. Sourced from the Enova community.

2.       Renewable Development Initiative (RDI):  Help kick-start renewable energy by contributing to community solar projects and increase their viability

3.       Greenpower 100: Choose affordable Australian Government accredited 100% GreenPower – and help tip the scales away from fossil fuels.

For more information call our team on 5622 1700.

Renewable Energy Development (RDI)

20 October, 2016

GreenPower Program

The aims of the Program are to: Facilitate the installation of new renewable energy generators across Australia beyond mandatory requirements. Encourage growth in consumer demand for renewable energy. More >
30 October, 2016

All about renewable energy

Renewable energy is obtained from resources that can be constantly replenished and don’t emit greenhouse gases. About 15% of Australia’s electricity is currently generated from renewable sources.