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2040 portrays a different future – and it’s good!

Cassandra Sheppard

10 x 2040 Double passes to be won



Time is running out

As the Ross Ice Shelf - the largest ice shelf in the world - melts ten times faster than predicted, the degree of the climate crisis we are facing becomes ever more apparent.

We are already seeing the consequences of 1°C of global warming through more extreme weather, rising sea levels and diminishing Arctic sea ice, among other changes. Research tells us we have 12 years to limit the impact of climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius. For every day people, the enormity of the challenge ahead of us can be overwhelming.

“What can I do?” we ask ourselves. The scope of the change needed seems impossible to conceptualise.

Imagining a better future

These were the exact sentiments of documentary film maker Damon Gameau when he set out on his mission to find the best solutions to the problems we are facing and imagine a better future.

And in his new film 2040, he has not only found the solutions, he’s also conceptualised the outcomes for the world as though we put them into place now. The end result is a cleaner, greener, socially inclusive, healthier planet!

In 2040, Damon Gameau (who also produced That Sugar Film) embarks upon a journey to explore what the future could look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream.

Structured as a visual letter to his four-year-old daughter, Damon blends traditional documentary with dramatized sequences and high-end visual effects to create a vision board of how these solutions could regenerate the world for future generations.

Drawing on the best minds from around the world to focus on the changes that could be made if we implement the newest science and technology in energy, transport, agriculture and sustainability, 2040 maps out a pathway for change that can lead us to a more ecologically sustainable and equitable future. 

Making it happen

“What a fabulous documentary. It's so inspiring and the possibilities are real and wonderful,” said CEO Enova Energy Felicity Stening. “The film re-imagines the earth's and humanity's future if we could implement solutions with technology that is available to us right now. Enova was founded on that same premise – doing things differently in order to create positive change.”

Enova is already working on bringing microgrids alive and into communities in Australia with its first local project in the works and intentions to make microgrids real and available to Australian communities. The technology is here now and we all need to participate to make it happen.

2040 giveaway - enter here

To celebrate the opening of 2040 and its aspirational view of how we can generate positive change, we want to give you the chance to see the film!

We have 10 Double Passes to give away to see 2040 at a screening cinema of your choice.

To enter – click here – and get inspired about the better future we can hold in our sights by taking positive action. As imagined in 2040, let's keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday, 19 May 2019. Winners will be announced on Monday, 20 May 2019.

2040 Release date: 23 May 2019

Rating: G

Official website:


49 responses

  1. I've seen an advance screening of this wonderful film and its a must see! Wonderful story telling in a positive and clever way. it does leave you feeling there are positive actions we can take rather than accepting there is just no hope to beat the climate crisis.Please see it and bring your friends

  2. We so need to start to look at our future differently. We need to get out of the dominant thought culture and this film does that. I am keen to see what he has to say and keen to be further inspired about regenerating our beautiful earth.

  3. Encouraging all around us to take even small steps in the right direction and making it the new normal. More plant based, more consciousness, more ownership.

  4. Have a grandson with me today and would like him to grow up in a better world than it is today

  5. We had our first Grandchild this week. Very concerned about the world he is going to live in. We need to ensure our natural world thrives for him, and all his generation.

  6. I already have Enova but I would like you to send

    Enova information to my son ... Peter Thornton

    Alison Ave Lennox Head

  7. There are so many positive & constructive things that can happen & are already happenning, of which many people are simply not aware. Hoping this film can reach far & wide to inspire more people to take their own positive actions & to support & encourage others (individuals, businesses, leaders, maybe even governments) to do the same. And make the global ripple grow!

  8. WE have to take responsibility for our own energy use and the impacts it has on the environment. It cannot be left to the government.
    My house has had Solar Hot Water since the late 70's (before I bought it) and am now on the second system. I have added PV Panels and Batteries in early 2014. This means I now only use my own power and pay to supply my excess to the grid.
    I cannot afford an electric car yet but I do have one which runs at 3.5 l/100km on a trip and 4.8 l/100km around town.
    These things are not hard but make a difference. Next I want to be water self sufficient and create at wetland.

  9. I am part of a group of people organising a Community Climate Crisis Rally at the Bob Cowley Peace Park in Lismore on 11th May at 9.45am. Expected finish time will be about 11.30am.
    We have set in place street Pop Up events to publicise this event. A variety of speakers will attend the Rally giving their perspective on issues relating to climate changes. There will be live music, petitions and letters for people to send to the polliticians and ending with everyone gathering together along Ballina Road holding signs for action on the Climate Crisis before its too late.
    Please share the word and bring your placard to hold in support of our environment and community.
    We can make the future beautiful if we all try.
    Thank you

  10. We watch our water and electricity use, I have installed solar, we do not use dryers, microwaves, turn off wifi at night, eat organic, no animal products, and probably a few other things that have become habitual now and do seem normal...
    I can see a bright future if we decide so!

  11. Graeme Sait from Nutritech Solutions meets with Agriculture Ministers in other countries teaching how to increase carbon in soil and regenerative agriculture. He believes that agriculture can play a large role and France has committed to increasing soil carbon each year* yet we hardly hear about any of this in main stream media in Australia. People who deny human impact causing climate change often state that it is wrong to forecast impending catastrophe, they believe that there are vested interests involved in renewable energy and lower emission technology. I need to learn the language that bridges the gap between those who want changes and those who deny the need for them. I also need the language reassuring us we can successfully make changes. It is awful living with the sense that human life is doomed to further human induced catastrophe long before the sun dies.
    *On December 1, the French government launched the 4 per 1000: Soils for Food Security and Climate Initiative (, a bold plan that, if adopted and implemented on a large scale by the countries that have signed on to the Paris climate deal, has the power to cool the planet and feed the world.

  12. I am riding my cycle, grow my own veges and fruits,I am eliminating plastic , support Enova and voting for the environment on May 18.

  13. Looks interesting- there is hope! Yes we already have the ability to change let's be willing to make changes.

  14. Having kids express what they want to see when they grow up is a sure fire way to get straight to our hearts. My 2040 includes happy healthy kids in a climate and society in which they can feel safe and peaceful. Maybe it's what's needed to undo the cruelty of the last few decades of greed.
    Enova is a local champion, which I fully support as a customer and shareholder (two equity rounds). Looking forward to microgrids and EV charging network sourcing local renewable energy.

  15. Would like to know their is a positive way to turn our way of living around. To a more sustainable way of living.

  16. We are fighting to reinstate the Casino to Murwillumbah railway, then to extend to Robina Station QLD.

    The action to reinstate railways is being taken up by a number of NSW railway action groups, who want all railways reinstated in NSW.

    We will be having a symposium at the end of June 2019. Link to page

  17. The Knowledge and power to turn this around is within our reach, we just need to organise ourselves and focus on how we want it to be.
    Think it, speak it, create it. Power to the peaceful

  18. Hello.
    I have chosen not to partake in Facebook or instagram.. so it seems, at this stage I can not enter the competition. Which I would like to take my 6 year old son to see.
    Please let me know if there is another way to enter.
    I do appreciate Enova's growth into a sustainable future as an electricity provider, in many ways... and that it is community oriented.
    Yet, I am extremely concerned that Enova, or any electricity company allows and supply's Smart Meters!
    There is enough information on the internet, and from concerned clients that oppose it for the safety of their family, their neighbours that it also effects, and their adjoining community for it to be discontinued.
    And so far we are unable to reverse its installation...
    I, among many I know feel it's effects.... please research it further than the information you have been told?
    I understand that it is easier to have a wireless reading take the measure of electricity being used... rather than a meter reader personally take the reading.
    It may be a higher cost for you, therefore even us... yet at what cost is this new technology to our health, our children, our environment?
    What research has been done on its effects? And by whom?
    Please consider..

    Sincere regards,

  19. If every person did one thing the change would be phenomenal. My contribution is planting koala trees and growing some of our own food.

  20. Can't wait to see the film. Its so good that the focus of the film is positives of what we can do to help stop climate change instead of everything being hopeless.

  21. I'm hoping to feel more inspired about the future and being more empowered to make more positive changes.

  22. Having observed accelerated glacial recession in Antarctica and on the peak of Kilimanjaro I want to see global awareness heightened about the plight of our atmosphere.

  23. Good on you Sarah for daring to mention the 'nothing to see here'
    smart meter scenario.If anybody researched this they would be concerned. A couple of other things that fall into the same category
    are 5G and chemtrails. Most people ( want a safe & clean environment but it won't happen if we don't take the 'unmentionables'
    into consideration.

  24. I feel such a love for this world -and such despair. I really really need some hope for a positive future.

  25. I am so looking forward to seeing 2040. It is so easy to get lost in the gloomy predictions, but a vision of what could be done is so vital to us being able to find the energy to get us there fast enough. Yay Damon. I buy my energy from Enova, I have solar panels and solar hot water and I don't travel much or far by car and very rarely fly. I don't have air-con in my house and I buy local as much as I can. I am also an activist with Stop Adani Byron Shire, I teach storytelling for changemakers and I make outdoor labyrinths to help people connect to the earth and reconnect to self and eachother.

  26. Growing what I can, reducing my impact on the planet in all ways. Gifting 'Green Gifts' to others to act as a valuable role model.

  27. Education is the key to action, action is the key to success!
    I need to see this film to create change.

  28. My teenager is very concerned about the future and wants us as a family do things to change behaviours in our own home and community.

  29. 2040 would help me understand how to reduce toxin exposure from the environment, minimize the toxin loads and educate others. Tgank you.

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2040 portrays a different future – and it’s good! | Enova Community Energy2040 portrays a different future – and it’s good! | Enova Community Energy2040 portrays a different future – and it’s good! | Enova Community Energy2040 portrays a different future – and it’s good! | Enova Community Energy