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Enova's 2019 year in review

Katherine Bugden

As a social enterprise energy company, Enova is pretty unique.

We have the vision to be Australia’s leading social enterprise in creating self-sustaining communities. And, at the same time, we work hard to deliver exceptional customer service as an electricity retailer throughout NSW.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes!

It means that our team is so much more than a call centre! We’re lucky to work with incredibly skilled project managers, community development workers, writers and energy industry fanatics.

We collaborate and innovate, not just in new renewable energy projects, but also in ensuring the benefits of our projects really can and do reach local people in local communities.

We’re constantly figuring out how to bring new technologies to life at the local level. We’re at the forefront of taking up the newest of technologies to enable our pioneering approaches to solar gardens, microgrids, virtual power plants and other initiatives to ensure we deliver on our goals of increasing the amount of renewable energy generated, stored and shared in local areas. All of this in a fast-paced, competitive and highly regulated energy environment.

To celebrate our achievements this year – as an energy social enterprise – we’ve put together this short video, in which Felicity Stening, Enova CEO, gives an overview of Enova’s year.

Highlights include:

  • We delivered our biggest project to date as a company, which was our expansion to cover the whole of NSW and our customer base continues to grow!
  • We’re now looking toward entering the Queensland market by mid-2020.
  • We also delivered Australia’s first solar garden – a key milestone in our objective to provide renewable energy access to everyone.
  • We were recognised with an award in social enterprise excellence by the NSW Business Chamber.
  • We've grown and created an extra thirteen jobs in the local economy.
  • And in the meantime, we’re directing funds to organisations delivering important outcomes in the community. This year we gave $20,000 to two important organisations.

To find out more about all these developments and achievements please take a look!



5 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing your success- this is a great innovation scheme which our country needs
    I would love to see it applied on the Central Coast

    1. Hi Katherine, thanks for your feedback. Enova hopes to bring solar gardens to more areas throughout the country now that we've got the first up off the ground! There are many community energy groups around the country also working toward creating their own local renewable energy generation - Enova's excited to be a part of this community energy movement!

    2. Hi Katherine, thanks for your feedback. We're aiming to create more of these solar gardens across the country working with partner organisations and we'd be happy to receive expressions of interest or enquiries from any interested parties in the Central Coast.

  2. tTo ian an a iva Energy Customeri i have 12 solar panels i started with 6 panels when i joined enova energy had another 6vpanels 6weekslater i am interested in more panels when i can afford them . dose Enova Energy install the Solar Panels?

    1. HI Margaret, thanks for your message. Great to hear about your solar panels adventure. Enova is not a solar panel installer. We advise people to use a Clean Energy Council accredited installer.

      The Clean Energy Council works to raise the standard of quality in the solar industry through our accreditation program.

      Accreditation with the Clean Energy Council recognises electricians who have undertaken the necessary training to design and install solar, batteries and other renewable energy systems.

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Enova's 2019 year in review | Enova Community EnergyEnova's 2019 year in review | Enova Community EnergyEnova's 2019 year in review | Enova Community EnergyEnova's 2019 year in review | Enova Community Energy