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donate your solar to the community

Donate your excess solar to those in need

As an Enova customer, you can choose to donate some, or all excess solar credits on your bill to other customers in hardship.
Donate my solar

Help make a difference in the community!

We’re inviting any of our solar customers who have excess solar credits on their bill to donate some, or all, of their solar credit to customers in hardship.

Here's how it works:

donate your solar generated
1. You produce solar
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2. You receive credits for the solar you produce
donate your solar to the community
3. You can donate some or all of these credits to someone in hardship

If your Enova electricity account is regularly in credit and you'd like to donate your solar credit to someone who could really benefit, please fill in the form.

Susie, in our Finance team, will then get in touch with you to review your situation and find a fellow customer who could really benefit from receiving your credit on their energy bill.

It’s that easy!

We’ve been blown away by the response we’ve had so far! You can read the latest story about how much solar was donated and how this helped our community.

From a couple of our donors, Brett and Philip, “with everything that’s going on now, a lot of small businesses and households have been in hard circumstances. Households are suffering. We respect the community care that Enova is showing, so we were happy to help when the call-out came. The solar is generated and there to be used. It comes from the sun and isn’t dug up from out of the ground, so sharing it around is a good way of caring for the community.”

This is such a wonderful way for our Enova community to support other customers in need and we are really proud to be part of such a generous community.

Leading the way in responsible
renewable energy solutions.

Enova Community Energy was established to enable people in local communities to do something practical about climate change. While our vision is to move away from polluting energy sources, we are doing this responsibly.

Enova’s strategy - generating support and infrastructure for new, locally generated renewable energy - is at the heart of Enova’s operations. For example, Enova’s feed-in tariff was the highest in the market when we launched. This sparked a more rapid uptake of solar panels in Australia and now other energy retailers have followed suit. Now Enova sources about 50 per cent of our energy from renewable energy from our own customers’ rooftops.

We’re handling our transition to 100% renewable energy responsibly and gradually – while focusing on supporting local communities.

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Donate your solar | Enova Community EnergyDonate your solar | Enova Community EnergyDonate your solar | Enova Community EnergyDonate your solar | Enova Community Energy