How does Enova determine my monthly energy estimate?

  • We’ll look at your historical consumption to estimate the monthly instalment for your household or business.

  • If we don’t have this information at the time of signing up (for example when you’re signing up on line), we’ll ask you for some information about your household –like where you live, the number of people in your household and whether you have a solar panels. Your answers will help estimate how much electricity your household is likely to use. 

  • The estimate for the monthly instalment assumes that your household has an electric hot water system on the Controlled Load 1 prices, with the Anytime prices applied to the balance of your estimated electricity consumption. Any features or other discounts in your chosen Energy Plan are also applied.

  • If you have solar panels, a solar system size of 2.6 kilowatts and average insolation for northern NSW are assumed to calculate the amount of electricity your system produces. It estimates that you use 60% of the electricity produced by your system and you export the remaining 40% to the grid. A feed-in tariff applied based on a net metering arrangement to calculate how much you receive for energy which you export back to the grid.
  • The rates used for estimating the monthly instalment amount are published in the energy price fact sheet.

It’s important to remember that the monthly estimate is NOT a quote, it is purely indicative and used solely for the purpose of calculating your monthly instalment amount.

Enova does not guarantee that the monthly estimate will reflect your actual costs – this will depend on your actual usage, your usage habits, appliances you use, meter arrangements and solar energy generated (if you have solar panels).

The monthly estimate excludes GST.

Call us if you have any questions. 02 5622 1700 – or we will call you back if you complete the form – bottom right of this page!


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11 June, 2016

Why do I pay monthly?

Enova’s monthly payment plan is designed to help customers like you to manage your household budget.