Where does Enova source its renewable energy supply? 

Enova’s energy sources will be varied. As a community-owned company, Enova Energy, we want to support the local renewable industry where possible. Initially there will not be enough renewable energy generated locally to meet all the needs of Enova Energy for both its RET obligations and voluntary GreenPower.

Therefore we will have to source renewable energy from beyond this region, but as new sources come on stream locally, we will endeavour to enter into supply contracts which are both supportive of the local industry and affordable for our customers.

Will I be able to choose where my renewable energy comes from?

Over time we want to give customers the choice of which renewable energy project in the region they wish to support. We will be able to connect the generation project to the customers who want to support it.  We do not mean we will run power lines direct to your home from the generator but that we will purchase the electricity from the generator at an agreed price and pass this through to the customers who want to support it.

Read more about our Renewable Development Initiative, and choose one of our Green Energy Plans.



3 July, 2016

Local renewable energy generation

Enova’s Renewable Energy Initiative (RDI) will be used to  help kick-start the development of new community renewable energy projects, both large and small, with priority for Northern Rivers-based projects.
20 October, 2016

GreenPower Program

The aims of the Program are to: Facilitate the installation of new renewable energy generators across Australia beyond mandatory requirements. Encourage growth in consumer demand for renewable energy. More >
20 October, 2016

How is energy priced?

During the course of a single day, the wholesale price of electricity on the electric power grid reflects the real-time cost for supplying electricity.