What is a feed-in tariff?

Feed-in tariffs (FITs) are payments made by an electricity supplier to a household or business that generates its own electricity through methods which don’t deplete natural resource like solar. Enova provides a generous 12c feed-in tariff. All information is detailed in your Enova Energy Plan.

How does GreenPower work?


GreenPower is government accredited renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste.

When you purchase one of our 20%, 50% or 100% GreenPower products this commits us to purchasing that amount of electricity from the 150 accredited renewable energy generators across Australia, and adding it to the electricity grid on your behalf to offset your electricity use. The government managed GreenPower Program runs a robust and independent auditing process of our GreenPower sales each year to make sure this is the case. These audits are publicly available on the GreenPower website.

Read more about GreenPower in our article: What is the GreenPower program? 

or visit www.greenpower.gov.au or check out the GreenPower Facebook page

FIT What’s happening with the Government Solar Bonus Scheme?

The Solar Bonus Scheme ended on 31 December 2016.  Enova is currently offering the best Feed-In Tariff in the market – 12c per kWh for the solar you generate. For more information about the scheme before its closure as well as meter options,  you can view our news post

What energy plans do you have for business?

Enova Energy specialises in small business because we are one ourselves.  To begin with our offer for businesses has an attractive discount without a lock-in contract. You can view our business offers here.

What happens when my energy plan ends?

Each Enova Energy plan last for 12 months. As you’re coming to the end of your plan, one of our Energy Consultants will contact you. From time to time your needs may change and we also update the energy plans that are available. If for any reason we cannot get hold of you prior to your plan expiring, we will select a plan that is either the same, or as similar as possible, to your existing plan.

Can I change my energy plan?

Yes, you can change your Energy Plan. We recognise that life is unpredictable, people move around and circumstances may change. Just let us know when something occurs, so we can help you find the Enova Energy Plan that’s right for you, if we supply at your new address.

How does my energy plan work?

Your plan’s terms, conditions and benefits are valid for 12 months, but there are no ‘lock in’ clauses. You are free to change your plan at any time.


If you are responsible for the electricity account at your current address, you can switch to Enova. You can become an enova customer online, or over the phone. View our Energy Plans >