Will energy prices increase in July 2017 ?

Yes. Most of the energy retailers will be increasing prices as of July 2017, primarily in response to rising wholesale prices, which they have been protecting consumers from for as long as possible. However, there are a number of issues around the pricing of energy, which we have written about in detail in a series of articles here on our website.

How can I tell what kind of meter I have?

You can’t tell whether or not you have a smart meter or a gross meter just by looking at it.  But you can call us. The Enova Team can check for you – we have access to information that will tell us whether you have a gross meter, net meter or smart meter, so call us, and please have your NMI (National Meter Identification) number, which is on your energy bill, handy. At Enova it doesn’t matter what kind of meter you have, unless you want to sign up to our Solar Plus plan, then you need a net meter.

Who is the energy market operator?

The energy Market in Australia is run by an organisation called The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

AEMO’s vision is to deliver energy security for all Australians. (AEMO) is responsible for operating Australia’s largest gas and electricity markets and power systems, including the:

  • National Electricity Market (NEM), the interconnected power system in Australia’s eastern and south-eastern seaboard
  • Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and power system in Western Australia.
  • Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM) and the Victorian gas transmission system.
  • Wholesale gas Short Term Trading Market hubs in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.
  • Retail Gas Markets in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales and Australia Capital Territory.
  • Wallumbilla and Moomba Gas Supply Hub in Queensland and South Australia.
  • Natural Gas Services Bulletin Board.
  • Western Australia Gas Bulletin Board.

As Australia’s independent energy markets and power systems operator, AEMO provides critical planning, forecasting and power systems information, security advice, and services to our stakeholders.

Analog, gross and digital meters – what’s the difference?

Analog meters are the original meters used by electricity companies to measured electricity usage. These meters are being replaced by more modern electronic meters which have a digital display. People often confuse digital meters with smart meters, but smart meters are more advanced than digital meters – they can be read remotely (replacing the need for a meter reader to come to your property and manually read your meter). Smart meters also measure electricity consumption at 30 minute intervals, which better helps you to understand your usage via a connection to your home computer or smart phone. You can also utilise Time of Use (TOU) tariffs if you have a basic electronic meter or a smart meter.

Gross Meter vs Net Meter

If you have solar, then there’s also the question of whether you need a gross meter or a net meter. A gross meter is programmed to export all the electricity you generate with your panels to the grid. A net meter enables you to use your solar energy in your house first, and then export the excess to the grid. Net meters are usually the basic electronic meters that are read by a meter reader but in more recent times, smart meters, read remotely by your electricity company, are becoming more common. At Enova, it doesn’t matter what kind of meter you choose to have. However, to take advantage of the Solar 16 Plus plan, which offers a high 16c per KwH feed-in tariff, you do need a net meter.

How do I get a copy of my Holding Certificate?

If you are an Enova shareholder and need a copy of your shareholding certificate for any reason, you need to contact the share registry company, Automic.
You can find the Automic contact information here.

What area does Enova service?

We service most of New South Wales. To see if we service your area, use our postcode checker.


Can I be an Enova Customer?

To see if we service your area, use our postcode check.

How do I buy Enova shares?

Enova’s initial share offering is now closed, although occasionally individual shareholders put their shares up for sale. We are keeping a register of interested buyers on our noticeboard, and you can add your name to the list. Contact us, switch@enovaenergy.com.au for more information.

What is an ASP?

An ASP electrician is an Accredited Service Provider. You need an Level 2 ASP electrician to make changes to your meter.
Here is a list of ASPs in New South Wales.

What is a ‘Controlled Load’ tariff?

‘Controlled Load 1’ and ‘Controlled Load 2’ are tariffs that apply to specific appliances that are permanently wired back to the meter such as hot water heaters or swimming pool pumps. Supply for a controlled load is only available at certain hours during the day, usually late at night. The difference between Controlled Load 1 and 2 is the hours for which supply is available and the price paid. This is determined by the network company.

For more detailed information see our Energy Price Fact Sheets.