Renewable Development Initiative (RDI)

We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and exist so you can choose a local energy company with genuine environment credentials.  Our commitment to renewable development extends to supporting the generation of new renewable energy in our community.

Enova’s vision is of a community serving itself, providing its own renewable energy to meet its needs, at competitive prices, and with all in the community able to participate in the shift to renewables.

In the short term there is insufficient renewable energy available in the community to meet immediate demand let alone fulfil all energy needs.

However, we will progressively achieve the vision by:

  • Encouraging more efficient use of energy through education
  • Encouraging and aggregating community demand for renewable energy
  • Purchasing existing domestic and business supply at a generous feed-in tariff and encouraging the installation of additional renewable technologies in households and businesses
  • Selling a range of GreenPower products, and
  • Selling a product to enable you to contribute to the development of a renewable generation fund. This will build an auditable fund to be applied to the development of community generation projects and potentially to invest in them
  • Calling for expressions of interest and facilitating the development of community renewable generation projects
  • When there is sufficient new renewable community energy available we will offer a new community renewable product.

How You Can Help

Renewable Energy


3 July, 2016

Local renewable energy generation

Enova’s Renewable Energy Initiative (RDI) will be used to  help kick-start the development of new community renewable energy projects, both large and small, with priority for Northern Rivers-based projects.
20 October, 2016

GreenPower Program

The aims of the Program are to: Facilitate the installation of new renewable energy generators across Australia beyond mandatory requirements. Encourage growth in consumer demand for renewable energy. More >
19 October, 2016

Where does Enova source renewable energy?