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Optional Renewable Energy Add-Ons

Help encourage more investment
Help encourage more investment in renewable energy generation. To make it easy and affordable, Enova has introduced Energy Plans to which you can include a choice of up to 2 renewable energy additional elements.
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Enova's Renewable Development Initiative (RDI)

Help kick-start renewable energy by contributing to community solar generation projects and increase their viability.

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GreenPower 100:

Choose affordable government accredited 100% GreenPower – and help tip the scales away from fossil fuels.

Community Renewable 100

Enova Energy developed this innovative Community Generated Renewable Energy Scheme to support the development of small-scale renewable energy produced in their local community. By their customers purchasing Community Renewables, Enova Energy had committed to source renewable energy from the local community and feed it back to the grid.

This option was designed to provide a cost effective alternative for customers against existing Greenpower Options. With Greenpower options becoming more affordable through 2019, Enova Energy has decided to retire the Community Renewable option in favour of supporting the National Greenpower scheme.

The Community Renewable Energy Scheme has been audited each year to ensure transparency and integrity in the Scheme on an annual basis up to 2019. For a copy of the Audit Report click here.

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