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Solar FIT 16cents

We’ve increased our Solar FIT offer by a huge 33%
We’re offering our residential customers 16c* per kWh with our Solar Premium plan. Switch now to get more for the solar you generate.

Time of Use electricity tariff (ToU)

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It may also be an advantage to change your electricity tariff. The Enova team can quickly estimate which tariff is best for you and switch you to the one that best suits your needs.
What Is Time Of Use (TOU)?
Time of Use is a tariff where the electricity costs differ depending on the time of day it is used. There are three different price periods:

‘Peak’ period electricity costs the most. Peak rates apply during the morning sand evenings on week days days.

‘Off-peak’ electricity is the cheapest. Off-peak rates usually apply late at night through to early morning week days and all day Saturday and Sunday.

‘Shoulder’ period electricity applies between peak and off-peak periods, e.g. late morning to late afternoon.

Customers with solar panels or those that have installed a smart meter can take advantage of ToU because the meters record consumption in different time periods.

For more detailed information see our Energy Price Fact Sheets.
If you have already installed a smart or net meter, you can switch to Enova Energy now online and we will take care of the rest.

Have a larger system? Call us.

If you are a business, or have a solar system larger than 10kw, please call our team for further details 02 5622 1700
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Solar Fit 16c | Enova Community EnergySolar Fit 16c | Enova Community EnergySolar Fit 16c | Enova Community EnergySolar Fit 16c | Enova Community Energy