Leading the Way – Enova Community Energy Becomes a Renewable Generator


Community-owned renewable retailer, Enova Energy breaks new ground with the news it is becoming a solar energy generator.

“The future is here,” says Enova Community Energy MD Tony Pfeiffer. “Fossil fuels are on the way out and complete reliance on large-scale energy generation will not be far behind.  The future is all about community generated and consumed renewable energy and Enova is making that possible right here, right now, beginning in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.”

“Enova’s vision to produce enough renewable energy to meet all of our customers’ needs is being realised earlier than originally planned.  Everyone can now join the energy revolution, even if they don’t have solar.” explains Tony.

To provide renewable energy to our customers, Enova will purchase community generated renewable energy sourced from rooftop solar from its customers, as well as through solar farms and gardens. Special solar projects such as the new 18-kilowatt system on its own office rooftop in Byron Bay, NSW, are underway. Using solar supplies such as these, Enova can now supply community generated renewable energy to people who don’t own their own solar panels.  Enova can meet approximately 40% of existing user requirements with this community generated renewable energy.

Community Renewable Generator

“This is a landmark moment for us as a company and for the Northern Rivers,” explains Tony. “The solar panels on Enova’s rooftop have been made possible thanks to Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc., CORENA, who has provided the interest free funding to Enova Community, (our not-for-profit arm) the building’s owner, Rick Hultgren and local solar installation company, Light Touch Electrical.”

Everyone can now join the solar revolution

If you’re living in an apartment, or you’re renting, or perhaps can’t afford the initial upfront investment in solar panels, then you can still join the solar revolution by offsetting your electricity use with an option to purchase 100% community generated renewable energy. And so, Enova’s community of customers are supporting those who want solar energy but can’t generate it themselves.

This is a pioneering initiative that’s changing the way energy is supplied in Australia. All around the world, countries are moving to ‘local’ supply models like this. Very few Australian communities have embarked on this – Enova’s community is one of the first! Enova will continue to offer more choices for its customers and is planning to push the boundaries using innovations and alternatives such as microgrid, virtual metering, and peer to peer supply.

To access this community generated renewable energy, Enova is introducing new energy plans in the coming days. Under the new plans, customers will be able to choose Enova’s 100% Community Renewable Energy, GreenPower 100, and continue to support Enova’s Renewable Development Initiative (RDI) which supports our community energy projects.

The strength of the commitment from our community and customers to ensure this happens is palpable, and with its support, Enova has forged ahead with growth and expansion, even in the face of uncertainty at a federal level.

“We know our customers don’t want to wait for politicians and big business to lead the way in transitioning to renewables, they just want to get on with it. Enova is empowering them to do just that.”

As demand for energy supplied by Enova grows, and as the company increases its customer base further afield, it will be investing in more renewables too – including community owned local solar farms, and other sources which could include wind, hydro and biofuels.

“While the rest of the world talks about doing things differently, and creating renewable energy supply models that put customers at the heart of both generation and consumption, Enova is actually doing it,” says Tony.

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22 October, 2017

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5 October, 2017

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13 September, 2017

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