A gross meter sends all of the electricity your solar panels produce to the grid. In return for this electricity that you generate, you receive a feed-in tariff.


Net metering allows the electricity generated by your solar system to supply your household first. Then, any electricity that is unused is exported to the grid and you are paid a feed-in tariff for this amount. This can be a very cost effective way of reducing your overall energy costs and maximise the financial investment you’ve made in your solar system.

Installing a net meter also means you can take up Enova’s Solar Plus Energy Plan which offers a feed-in tariff of $0.16/kWh (Residential offer only – conditions apply).


If you decide to install a smart meter, there are two options.

Option 1: 
Manually-read net meter

A manually read net meter is very similar to the the meter you currently have, and as the name implies, it continues to be read once every 3 months by an Essential Energy employee whose job it is to read the meter. If you choose this option, you will need to contact an an Approved Service Provider (ASP). An ASP is an electrical contractor who is authorised by Essential Energy to install meters on their behalf. An ASP will provide guidance on the best option for your particular situation. Follow this link for a list of NSW ASPs.

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The benefits of this meter are:

Use the solar you generate in your home first, and then export excess to the grid. This way, you can reduce your electricity bills.
Provides TOU tariff capability. 
Enova offers $0.16/kWh if you sign up to the Solar Plus Energy Plan after your net meter is installed.

Option 2: 
Smart meter

Smart meters measure electricity consumption in real time, and are capable of being remotely read and operated. Smart meters enable you to have better access to data about your energy consumption.

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Other benefits include

Use the solar you generate in your home first, and then export excess to the grid.  This way, you can reduce your electricity bills.
Provides Time of use (TOU) tariff capability. 
Be ready for future products and services which leverage smart meter technology (i.e. access to your usage data as well as export information via a secure web portal).
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