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To become a shareholder of Enova – visit Crowd88 to see our crowd-sourced funding offer which runs until 17 November 2018.

Please read the offer and consider it carefully, and also the crowdfunding risks, terms and conditions.

Important notice: We recommend all Enova shareholders in deciding whether to make an application for shares consider the Crowd-Sourced Funding Offer Document: https://www.crowd88.com/en/company/enova-energy/overview/ including the general risk warning for Crowd-sourced funding offers contained in the offer document.


Enova’s Shareholders

During 2015, Enova Energy raised $4 million from 1,090 investors.
Seventy-five per cent of the voting shares are held on the New South Wales north coast, in and around the Northern Rivers region, but Enova has attracted shareholders from every state and territory in Australia.

Enova is a social enterprise but it is a limited company, which means that it is a public company and although not listed on the Australian stock exchange, it is bound by a number of reporting obligations set out by the Australian Investment and Securities Commission. These obligations are further explained in our commitment to Continuous Disclosure.

>>Click here to view Enova’s Constitution<<


Continuous Disclosure

Enova Energy is committed to openness, transparency and ongoing communication with investors.
Enova adheres to the continuous disclosure recommendations set out by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for unlisted public companies, which ensures we file prescribed information with ASIC, but that we use our website as our primary means of ensuring investors are kept informed.

These guidelines also set out our obligations with regard to ensuring investors each receive a copy of our annual financial report as well as notice of any significant changes within our organisation, or matters affecting our organisation, as soon as practicable after becoming aware of it.

We regularly communicate with investors via this dedicated page on our website as well as through periodic newsletters and other communication, including email alerts if material information is changed or updated.


Shareholders Contact

Contact from Enova

Please keep us up to date if you move or change your email address.

Email is our preferred method of contact, so please ensure that we have your most up to date contact information at all times.   Please remember to share communications with your share owners as we must only keep one email address for shareholders.  Email any changes to us on info@enovaenergy.com.au


Contact with the Share Registry Office

Please also ensure that our registry company Automic has your current contact information.

You can update information anytime at the Investor Login section of their website:  https://investor.automic.com.au

If you are a registered user, simply enter your username and password. Otherwise you can register by clicking the “register” button and following the prompts. Once registered click on “Profile” (this will be to the right of your holding balance). You will then be able to edit your information.

Alternatively, you can click here to download Automic’s change of address form, and send the completed form back to them.

Please email this form to hello@automic.com.au or post it to PO Box 2226, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012.

For further information, please contact us on 02 5622 1700 or info@enovaenergy.com.au


Annual General Meeting

2018 SGM:

24 September SGM Presentation and Minutes

You can view, and or download the PDF minutes in the following links:




Notice of Annual General Meeting of Enova Community Energy Ltd.

Notice and AGM Agenda:  Enova AGM Notice – 2017 – Final v3

Enova Energy runs a July 01 – June 30 Financial Year.  Only shareholders or those holding proxies for shareholders may attend the AGM. Shareholders are notified of details by email.  Please ensure we have your most up to date contact information if you are a shareholder. Email us at info@enovaenergy.com.au


Enova Community Energy Ltd – Annual General Meeting

Date: 21 November 2017

Time: 5.30pm 

Venue: Enova Community Ltd Offices, Level 1, 9-11 Centennial Circuit, Byron Arts and Industry Estate, NSW 2481


2017 AGM:

21st November AGM Presentation and Minutes

You can view, and or download the PDF 24 pg presentation file and minutes in the following links:




2016 AGM:

16th November AGM Presentation and Minutes

You can view, and or download the PDF 24 pg presentation file and minutes in the following links:





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