Solar for Business (SME)

Our partnership can make a real and lasting difference, not just to the planet, but to the local community.
When you install solar and switch to Enova, you’re not only saving money, but any extra power you generate is bought by Enova, enabling us to supply other houses and businesses. When we work together to build our local solar resources, we are keeping jobs and expertise in the region too and this helps to strengthen our local economy.

With a global push towards greener technologies across a number of industries, and a strong collective desire in communities to do what’s possible to preserve the planet, powering your business with solar is something that you and your customers can feel good about, too.

It’s easier than you think to connect. And, when you’re a business investing in solar panels, there may be tax benefits too.

We’re here to help you

We want to help you gain control over your power. Understanding Solar seems simple – using the sun to power your business, but the various technology options and measuring the energy your system produces can get complicated.

We can help you to design your own Solar System, and we can help you find the right equipment and the right people to install it.

solar for business

Install the right option for your business

As a community-based company, we see it as our duty to provide information to our customers, that’s accurate and impartial. We don’t sell solar products, and we don’t install solar systems, but we are more than happy to facilitate both for you.

The Solar Technology Industry is changing rapidly, so let us help you navigate your way through it.

Our team can discuss options with you and together with our solar partners we can help you guide you on building the right system, with the right products – everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Solar InstallerWe’ll help you find a locally based skilled technician too, who can install your system and help you to maintain it.

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