Why Solar?

Natural Benefits

Australia is not called ‘The Sunburnt Country’ for nothing. Our year-round warm, sunny climate makes this an ideal place to invest in, and harness, the power of the sun.

The sun is a natural provider of heat and energy. Advances in technology have made it incredibly easy to generate and use solar power for your home or business. Solar power is proven and affordable, and it is good for the planet too, producing energy silently, responsibly, reliably, and sustainably.

solar panelWhen you install install solar technology, saving the environment and saving money can go hand-in-hand because solar panels help you generate some (or all) of the electricity you use. If your panels generate more electricity than you consume, Enova offers a premium feed in tariff for solar energy that’s exported by you and made available for others.

Why Enova?

  • Enova is Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer. When you become an Enova customer, you become part of a team that is dedicated to ensuring that solar power becomes more accessible and more affordable for everyone.
  • At Enova we are committed to ‘thinking differently’ about the energy industry as a whole – from sourcing to distribution to usage.
  • We’re local too, so when you support Enova, you can be sure your money is staying local – creating jobs and enabling the region to develop its own clean, sustainable energy resources.
  • When you call us, you speak to a local. When you need technical help we will send a local to see you. And because we live and work where you do, we have high ethical standards to adhere to. We’re committed to building a reputation for quality and expertise that you can not only trust, but rely upon. We’re committed to this industry for the long-term, so much so, that everything we do will be used to help other communities to build their own renewable energy resources. We believe in giving the power back to the people.


We’re here to help you

We want to help you gain control over your power. Understanding Solar seems simple – using the sun to power your home, but the various technology options and measuring the energy your system produces can get complicated.

You can rely on Enova as a trusted advisor. We can help you to design your own Solar System, and we can help you find the right equipment and the right people to install it.

Solar Installer GuyCall us on 02 5622 1700 or solar@enovaenergy.com.au and we’ll guide on your solar system.


Install the right option for you

As a community-based company, we see it as our duty to provide information to our customers, that’s accurate and impartial. We don’t sell products, and we don’t install solar systems, but we are more than happy to facilitate both for you.

The solar technology ondustry is changing rapidly, so let us help you navigate your way through it.

Our team can discuss options with you and together with our solar partners we can help guide you on building the right system, with the right products – everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Solar InstallerWe’ll help you find a locally based skilled technician too, who can install your system and help you to maintain it.