What kind of Meter do I need?

Manually read Net Meter Vs Smart Meter

Smart Meters

Currently, from now, until the end of 2017 there is a Government-led voluntary roll out of smart meters in New South Wales, to encourage uptake of smart meters. Many energy retailers, such as Enova, have been involved in this roll out, assisting customers to install new meters.

It’s important to know that after 1 January 2018, all new meters installed in New South Wales will be smart meters.

Smart meters measure the amount of electricity you consume every half hour and this information is then sent to your electricity retailer every few of days via the mobile network. In future you will be able to take advantage of other products and services which also leverage smart meter technology.

Smart meters measure electricity consumption in real time, and are capable of being remotely read and operated. Smart meters enable you to have better access to data about your energy consumption. Other benefits include:

  • Use the solar you generate in your home first, and then export excess to the grid.  This way, you can reduce your electricity bills.
  • Meter read access to your property is no longer needed.
  • Provides TOU tariff capability.
  • Be ready for future products and services which leverage smart meter technology (ie access to your usage data as well as export information via a secure web portal).

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Manually-read Net Meters

Manually-read net meters do not have all the functionality of Smart Meters. They are still read by an Essential Energy employee every three months, however, this type of meter will allow you to use your own solar and export excess to the grid, and it will also allow you to have Time of Use capability. For more about TOU tariffs, click here

For more detailed information about meter options, see our FAQ or read our news post about what to do the when the NSW Government Solar Bonus Scheme ends.



As of July 7, 2017, Enova is offering an attractive 16c kWh feed-in tariff with the Enova’s Solar Plus Energy Plan. You will need a net meter to take up this plan, but it does not have to be a smart meter.

13 September, 2016

What to do when the Government Solar Bonus Scheme ends