• Community Owned

    We invite you to join with other locals and help build your very own community-owned renewable energy company.
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  • Renewable Energy

    We are committed to reducing carbon emissions and exist so you can choose a local energy company with genuine environmental credentials.
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  • Local jobs and profits

    Keep jobs and profits in the community, and when you call us, you’ll be speaking to a local.
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  • Balance your budget

    Choose genuine accredited GreenPower options subsidised by Enova and generous rates for the solar you generate.
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  • A social enteprise

    50% of Enova profits* go to our not-for-profit arm to invest in education and social projects to let everyone join us on the renewable energy revolution.
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  • Use less = Save

    Speak with a local expert. Book your free energy efficiency audit today with an Enova Energy Coach.
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  • Be part of the solution

    Help build a model that others can emulate and influence government policy on renewable energy

  • Power to the people!

    Help build local renewable energy sources.
    Enova's aim is to supply all customers with renewable energy from local renewable generation.
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This is what power to the people looks like.

Energy Plans

How can we help ?

  • What energy plans do you have for business?

    Enova Energy specialises in small business, because we are one ourselves.

  • How does GreenPower work?

    GreenPower is government accredited renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste.

  • What happens when my energy plan ends?

    Each Enova Energy plan last for 12 months. As you’re coming to the end of your plan, one our Energy Consultants will contact you.

  • Am I ‘locked in’ to a contract?

    No. You can terminate your energy supply at anytime with no exit fees.

  • Can I change my energy plan?

    Yes, you can change your Energy Plan.

  • FIT What’s happening with the Government Solar Bonus Scheme?

    The Solar Bonus Scheme ended on December 31 2016.

Keep in touch with YOUR Community:

Keep in touch with YOUR Community: