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Be a part of something
greater than yourself. 
Belong to community power.

Australia's next generation electricity provider
At Enova Community Energy we are changing the face of electricity. We are creating a generation of people who want to belong to a new electricity model, a model that is enabling communities to power themselves through renewable energy that is locally generated, stored and distributed. Clean, Green Electricity right here in your own backyard.

We are a social enterprise and Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer, and we will give half our profits (after tax and reinvestment) back to the community via energy efficiency, education and community projects.

Be a part of a better climate future. Be part of a New Power Generation.
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Find out why everyone is switching to Enova

Doing energy differently

As a community-owned energy retailer, Enova is helping change and localise Australia’s energy system.
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Our innovative new models help homes and businesses to move away from fossil fuels to generate, store and share their own renewable energy amongst their communities with tomorrow’s technology.

Enova’s projects include microgrids, solar gardens and other community energy models.

Keeping money local

Millions of dollars leave local communities in energy bills each year.
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Enova exists to help towns, suburbs and regions control their own energy supplies, reduce costs and keep money circulating locally – for the betterment of local economies, people, businesses and jobs.

50% of Enova’s profits (after tax and reinvestment) will go back to energy efficiency, education and community projects.

Climate crisis action

Enova helps communities take local action on climate change by creating innovative energy models based on generating, storing and sharing from renewable sources.
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It also actively promotes green energy options through its retail arm and is working towards a 100% renewable future.

Join us in the movement to a cleaner, greener planet.

Championing renewables

Enova is a leader in the transition to a 100% renewable future and is helping communities create their own energy supplies based on renewables.
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As a retailer, Enova uses renewable energy from local rooftops and local community projects, and promotes green energy options.

Our innovative projects like Solar Gardens and microgrids aim to make renewable energy more accessible to all – whether you’re renting or own your own home.

Social impact

Enova is a social enterprise and will return half of its profits (after tax and reinvestment) into innovative community renewable energy projects, energy efficiency and education.
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Solar Gardens allow people who rent or who are on low incomes to have solar panels, ensuring everyone can have home access to renewables. 

We’re building stronger communities through creating energy independence.

Great customer service

Be a part of a better climate future. Be part of A New Power Generation. Call us now.
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• Australian owned and operated
• Local customer service team
• Competitive pricing and no lock-in contracts
• Options for both non-solar and solar customers
• Residential and Business Plans
• Switching is quick and easy
• Available throughout regional NSW and expanding to metro NSW and other states soon
• A leading innovator in electricity retailing
• A leader in the renewable energy transition
• Tackling climate change while supporting communities

What our community is saying

5 star reviews
The best energy company in the country... local, renewable energy friendly, a very friendly voice at the other end of the phone, and recycling the profits locally.

Lain - Lismore, NSW

We just 'switched on' to Enova!!! No more paying for electricity to companies whose heads are so far down the coal mine that they can’t see what they’re actually doing to the planet. A brilliant concept.

Deb - Mullumbimby, NSW

Great customer service... but to be honest the best part is, we have saved so much $$$. We do have solar but had it with another provider for 4 years before switching and since then our energy bills have almost halved. Thanks Enova!

Helena S. - Brunswick Heads, NSW

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