Enova Energy is Different!

Established in 2016, Enova Energy made Australian history as the country’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer.

As a community-owned company, our business model brings exciting possibilities to Australia’s energy sector. We aspire to a commercially and socially vibrant company that can be copied by communities across Australia.

People like you making a difference!

Enova Supporters

Enova Customers

Our shareholders are people like you, people who see the power of communities working together to make a difference. They are people who are committed to changing the way we power our lives by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. The more people choose green energy options, the more it sends a message to our politicians that we want a greener balance to energy generation.

Good for the local economy 

In the Northern Rivers, approximately $300 million a year is spent on electricity. By buying your energy through a local company, we can work together to return as much as $80 million a year to the region (including profits and operating costs).

We’re creating jobs, and sourcing local staff and suppliers.  We are also working in partnership with local businesses and the wider community to harness more renewable energy sources.

Affordable energy plans and attractive solar rates 

Our Energy Plans have options for everyone, from affordable renewable options, generous rewards for the solar energy you generate, as well as pay on time discounts for the budget conscious. Whatever plan you choose, you will be helping to make a difference to the energy sector, and the future of our planet.

Part of our mission is to educate households and businesses on how to reduce energy usage, which will not only save money, but save on carbon emissions.

GreenPowerOur Commitment to GreenPower

We’re encouraging everyone to consider GreenPower options. Check out the GreenPower program.

Supporting Solar Energy

Offering very attractive buy-back rates (feed-in tariffs) is just one of the ways that we are encouraging more households and businesses to invest in solar technologies. When you generate your own solar power you’re able to independently power your home or business. If you generate more solar power than you need, then Enova will buy it from you at very generous feed-in rates.

Supporting the Evolution of the Energy Industry

We are dedicated to the evolution of the energy industry: to unearthing good ideas, encouraging ingenuity, harnessing appropriate technologies, providing avenues for local employment, and to increasing our knowledge about renewable energies, for the benefit of the whole community.

So  please join us, be a change maker. 

Get Switched On!

Together we can make a difference.


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What’s in it for you, our customers?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Generous Solar Feed in Tariff ( FIT)
  • 100% Green Power and other attractive energy plans
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly local service
  • Tariff assessments, education and advice on ways to reduce energy bills
  • Trustworthy advice on solar and battery storage technology
  • Benefits to the local community and the environment through your energy purchases


As  a locally-based community owned energy company Enova will:

  • partner with groups and agencies throughout the community to shape finance and deliver programs to assist vulnerable households, lower socio-economic groups, and community organisations
  • employ locally
  • invest in energy education, helping potential customers understand the options available to reduce energy costs
  • assist customers struggling with high cost grid energy to make the transition to low cost renewable, and
  • will develop options to make solar take-up attractive to landlords and renters



The Enova Vision

Our aim is to build an energy conscious community that shares common goals and to:

  • Keep profits and jobs in the community
  • Reduce our region’s carbon footprint
  • Create an energy supply model that benefits all socio-economic groups
  • Establish an energy supply model that can be recreated by communities across the country and,
  • In the longer term, produce enough renewable energy locally to meet all of our customers’ energy needs.

Enova’s business model brings exciting possibilities to the energy sector, particularly in the way we generate and distribute solar and other renewable energy.

In the past, community-based renewable energy projects struggled to find a retailer who would purchase excess energy – the large companies just haven’t been interested. Enova will not only buy this power we will also work with communities to help bring their renewable energy projects to life.

The structure of Enova – with its energy retail arm Enova Energy Pty Ltd channelling 50% of profits to its not-for-profit arm Enova Community – is also a first for this sector. Enova Community will help bring solar to all households regardless of income so everyone can join the shift to renewable energy.

The win-win outcomes for community and environment that we’ve had since the outset have brought widespread support for Enova from our initial investors – and now through our customers.

Company Structure

Enova Structure 

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