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Byron Writers Festival brings stories of hope, courage and change

Cassandra Sheppard

Enova Community Energy has proudly come on board as a supporter of the Byron Writers Festival and has two Sunday passes to the 2019 Festival to give away!


Keeping stories alive throughout the year

Byron Writers Festival plays an important role in keeping story telling alive and providing a platform for engagement with new ideas, broad and intelligent thinking and inspiration.

Byron Writers Festival is a non-profit members organisation presenting workshops and events year-round, including the annual Festival.

With the Festival program now available, there are so many opportunities to experience stories, sideshow events, workshops and the children’s events.

Throughout the year Byron Writers Festival also runs a membership program, hosts events, offers mentorships and other activities to create shared moments of human connection through the exchange of ideas and the adventure of storytelling.


Hope, courage and change

The annual Byron Writers Festival is Australia’s largest and leading regional celebration of storytelling, literature and ideas.

According to Festival Director Edwina Johnson, “Now more than ever our world needs writers, environmentalists, poets, commentators, politicians and artists who together can shape stories of hope, courage and change.”

Enova CEO Felicity Stening said, “As a new kind of energy company seeking to disrupt the current fossil-fuel dependent model, Enova’s is a story born out of hope for a coal-free energy future, the courage to launch something different based on ethical values and a mission to change the way energy is done in Australia.

“It was inspiration to create something new and different that sparked the creation of Enova, as Australia’s first community-owned electricity retailer. We’re passionate about people’s agency to create change, independent thinking and community resilience. We’re proud supporters of Byron Writers Festival and all that it brings to the Northern Rivers as well as the creative voices of regional Australia.”


Two Sunday passes to give away

This year’s Byron Writers Festival will take place from 2 – 4 August 2019 and Enova’s sponsorship of mentorships will commence in Spring this year.

To celebrate the Festival, we’ve got a double Sunday pass to the 2019 Byron Writers Festival to give away. 

UPDATE: Congratulations to Lynn Denise who has won two Sunday passes to the Byron Writers Festival. Thank you so much to the hundreds of passionate folk who entered our competition. We hope you get to enjoy the Festival!

Photo credit: Kurt Petersen


66 responses

  1. We would be so thrilled to win these passes to the Byron writers festival. It would mean the world to us

  2. I am keen to see many of the Sunday presentations - from True Crime to Family Saga, then Thea Astley and more. Some rivetting speakers and topics - including 'No friend but the mountain' on the shocking plight of detainees.

  3. We would love to hear Melanie Cheng, Stan grant and Paul, maybe the world would be a better place if diversity was celebrated openly.

  4. I'm a happy customer and gladly recommend Enova to my friends and colleagues whenever possible.

  5. Thanks Enova. I love that we live with an innovative community, ofcwhich Enova is the 1st Community Owned Energy Co. I think I was about the 100th member as I was so keen to support this initiative. I managed to sign up one new customer, but my family are not in Enova's zone yet. We rock as a Community!!

  6. We moved to this beautiful region to provide a wonderful environment for our children. We chose Enova to show them that we will take as many tangible steps as possible to protect our environment. It would be so lovely to take them to the Byron Writers Festival and inspire the future generation. Thank you for supporting positive change.

  7. Thanks for giving me a chance to go to the festival and also for Enova for supporting it also.

  8. just a thought: i clicked on the link in the email 'win tickets'. that sent me to a web page and i clicked on
    enter competition "here", which led to another web page to 'enter'
    so 3 links to enter instead of one click. makes me think 'not a well organised company'.
    so i didn't enter.

  9. I would be so excited to meet John Marsden, who will be in attendance at the festival this year. I heard him on Conversation (ABC RN) this afternoon and he is a remarkable man, artist, teacher. There are many more extraordinary writers like Isobelle Carmody and Clementine Ford who would be worth a listen.

  10. Great to see enova supporting such a great event and giving their customers the chance to win. I would take my mum, who I got my love of books from.

  11. I would love to see and hear the man who write “No Friend but the Mountain’ as I’m very involved in the Refugee Action Committee here in Canberra & Im a aspiring writer. This would be fabulous!!

  12. I will be studying the program and my special passion is the environment. We need and need to support environmentalists, those that write to inspire and those that do and inspire. We can each do so much in our daily lives to help.

  13. My mum and I have been talking about going to the Byron Writers Festival for years and still haven’t made it there 😆
    I’d love to win the passes and surprise her with them!

  14. I’ve been meaning to switch for ages. Life gets in the way. Doing it now. Thanks for the opportunity Enova.

  15. It feels great to be a part of the change - well done Enova - it's great to be with you going forward to help make that change and to be encouraging community involvement. We've been with you since the start and will continue to use you are our provider.

  16. I am an Enova customer and share holder. I support their ethos and commitment to creating a better environment for future generations. Never quite made it to the Writers Festival but would love to hear Stan Grant speak.

  17. I love being an Enova customer, knowing Enova is community owned & community minded. Educating, empowering & supporting social projects and great local events such as the Byron Bay Writers Festival. Thank you!

  18. I delayed buying tickets as I care for v elderly parents whose health health was unstable. They are again stable so wld love to now go.
    Fingers crossed !

  19. I’ve been with Enova from the start, as I wanted to support a local energy provider. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you for giving people a chance to attend this great event.

  20. How very blessed to have this amazing writers festival on my doorstep. I'd love to win tickets to see some incredible speakers lined up this year. Stan Grant intrigues me, I'm sure he'd have an incredible journey to share.

  21. Thanks Enova! Great collaboration, I’m so inspired for this opportunity to win a double pass to the Writers Festival!

  22. Love that Enova is community based and you speak to real people who live in the community. Have never been able to afford a ticket to the Writer's Festival and I've lived here for 40 years! I am a creative writer, so this would be an awesome treat! AND my electricity bill has improved incredibly since I made the wise choice to switch over to Enova! Thankyou so much!

  23. Making the switch to Enova after we just received the final nail in the coffin from another energy provider. Thank you Enova for keeping things affordable.

  24. Enova is a human company with a personality. Perfect representation of Byron shire. Love to go writers festival just oncr

  25. Thank you Enova - for being a community-based business aimed at disrupting the fossil-fuel-based energy model - and for supporting the wonderful Byron Bay Writers Festival. Win. Win.

  26. Enova are a fantastic local company supporting a great local event. I'd be stoked to win these tickets.

  27. Enova supporting a better future,
    Wisdom of writers and happy nature
    Words as well as action
    A happier transaction
    When there is integrity
    I love my power more guilt free

  28. To all the hundreds of wonderful people who entered our Byron Writers Festival competition - thank you so much for your fantastic entries and for all the feedback about Enova! Congratulations to Lynn Denise who has won two Sunday passes to the Byron Writers Festival. Even if you didn't win passes, we hope you get to enjoy the Festival!

  29. Dear Cass and all the Enova team,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! I am beyond excited to win the tickets and deeply humbled. Many thanks and Blessings to you and to all who entered. See you Sunday!

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Byron Writers Festival brings stories of hope, courage and change | Enova Community EnergyByron Writers Festival brings stories of hope, courage and change | Enova Community EnergyByron Writers Festival brings stories of hope, courage and change | Enova Community EnergyByron Writers Festival brings stories of hope, courage and change | Enova Community Energy