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Energy Talks Don’t Promise Real Change

Energy must be accessible and affordable for everyone. And in my view, solving that particular problem starts with the way we currently generate energy in this country.

Australia’s energy crisis and how it affects your electricity bill

Australia is reaching a pivotal point in the transition from old outdated fossil fuels to cleaner, greener energy sources, which poses some issues because over many years Governments have lacked clarity, foresight and strong leadership on this issue.

Possible solutions to the Energy Crisis

The current national debate focuses on many potential solutions including:

storage technology, improved connection between the states,
earmarking a portion of gas for domestic use only and more sophisticated grid management.

Power to the people: Act locally, impact globally

Enova is a local organisation, doing its best to solve a global problem. You might say that it’s our mantra to ‘act locally and impact globally’ and with this in mind, we’re building a business model that be emulated by other communities. That’s why we call it power to the people. It’s our vision that other regions will be able to do what we’re doing, and make renewable energy accessible for everyone.

Enova’s Renewable Development Initiative To Kick-Start Local Renewable Energy Generation

One of Enova Energy’s aims is to support local renewable energy generation. We are achieving this through Enova’s Renewable Energy Initiative (RDI) which will be used to  help kick-start the development of new community renewable energy projects, both large and small, with priority for Northern Rivers-based projects.

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