Enova Community

Enova Community Ltd. is the not-for-profit arm of Enova.

Enova was established from the outset as a social enterprise, with twin objectives of helping the community to reduce carbon emissions, and to be of benefit to the community. This is why in addition to the retail arm, Enova Energy Pty Ltd, we also have a not for profit arm, Enova Community Ltd, a registered charitable organisation, to which 50% of profits (*after tax and re-investment) are to flow to enable the fulfilment of our objectives.

Our goals for Enova Community are to:

  • provide everyone with access renewable energy,
  • increase energy efficiency,
  • reduce energy consumption.

We will achieve these goals through educating more people about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and through facilitating projects that benefit the whole community.


Energy Education

Through Enova Community we aim to create a Centre of Excellence through which we can share information, research and knowledge.   Enova Energy Coaches will deliver energy literacy and efficiency programmes to households, organisations and businesses to help reduce energy consumption. Our events calendar will include many community events where you can meet our coaches, or your can request an energy audit here.

An Enova Energy Coach will then visit your home and assess your energy use and needs. Our coach will make suggestions to help you reduce costs by saving energy.

Community Benefit

We will work with community and welfare organisations to facilitate access to renewable energy for people on lower incomes and groups with limited funds. For example, we are currently developing a project with a social housing organisation to install solar panels using a combination of grant funding and low cost loans.

We will be a first point of contact for community groups interested in working with Enova on energy projects and finding innovative solutions to sourcing renewable energy for their own needs or on a wider scale.

When Enova Energy Pty Ltd. (our trading arm) is profitable, we will apply 50 per cent of Enova Energy’s profits (after tax and business reinvestment) to Enova Community: an amount equal to the dividends paid to our shareholders.

We will also seek government and philanthropic grants and crowd funding.

Enova Community employs both paid staff and volunteers.



Enova Community’s Centre of Excellence

As part of Enova Community, we’re developing a Centre of Excellence from which we can bring to you the latest in renewable energy technology development and research from around the world.

Through this initiative we aim to share knowledge, and information, and educate and facilitate the development of energy aware communities.

We also hope to inspire a groundswell for change, not just within individuals and families and communities, but at a political level too, so that we can all begin to ‘do our bit’ regarding reducing our energy consumption and increasing our renewable energy creation in order to start contributing now, to a cleaner, greener, future for the planet and for generations to come.


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Social Projects