Enova Community

Enova Community is the not-for-profit arm of Enova Community Energy. Its vision is for communities across regional NSW to take charge of their own power so that everyone can access renewable energy and use it in the most efficient way.


We are working towards this vision by facilitating projects that involve everyone from low income households, to home-owners, renters, businesses and community groups.

These projects include educating communities to become energy aware through trained energy coaches who visit homes and business premises to conduct energy efficiency audits, presenting tips and tricks at energy expos and hosting stands at community events.

We also engage in numerous partnerships and projects to ensure more renewable electricity is generated by communities themselves, and that such electricity is accessible for those that can’t normally afford renewables.

“Enova Community is empowering the transition to renewables through design led thinking and community created solutions,” says Enova Community Manager Sandi Middleton. “Our organisation is helping champion the reduction of greenhouse emissions, while making renewable energy more accessible and affordable for all.”


Reinvesting into Communities

Enova Community Energy returns 50% of the proceeds from its retail arm, Enova Energy, back into Enova Community – to help facilitate its wide range of community activities.


Our goals for Enova Community are to:

  • Facilitate a renewable energy transition through projects that benefit all
  • Create energy aware communities through energy efficiency education
  • Empower the transition through design led thinking and community co-created solutions

“Although our organization only launched mid-2016, we are already well on the way to achieving these goals through educating more people about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and through co-designing and facilitating projects with our communities that benefit the whole community,” Sandi explained.


Community Benefit

Enova Community works with community and not for profit service organisations to facilitate access to renewable energy for people on lower incomes and groups with limited funds. One such example is that Enova Community partnered with North Coast Community Housing (NCHH) and the Office of Environment and Heritage to help tenants across the Northern Rivers receive free solar panels and home energy audits as part of a low income solar housing project.

64kWh of solar were installed at 27 houses and combined with the energy saving measures initiated through the educational audits, tenant’s bills are expected to cut by around $420 a year.


Energy Education

Enova Community trains volunteer energy efficiency coaches who work in the community to empower people to reduce their energy use.

Our events calendar includes many community events where you can meet our coaches, or, if you are a part of our Repower Byron project (detailed below), you can request a free energy audit here.

Once requested, an Enova Energy Coach will then visit your home or conduct a phone audit and assess your energy use and needs. Our coaches will make suggestions to help you reduce costs by saving energy.


Community co-created energy solutions

Enova Community serves as a first point of contact for community groups interested in working on projects aimed at finding innovative solutions to sourcing renewable energy for their own needs or on a wider scale.


Repower Byron Shire

An example of a community co-designed project is Repower Byron Shire. Enova is working with Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby (COREM) and Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) to “Repower Byron” – encouraging locals, street by street, to meet the Shire’s objective of zero emissions by 2025.


Solar Gardens

Enova Community has also launched a solar gardens project in which we are set to build solar systems and offer memberships to customers who are not able to have solar panels of their own. It’s ideal for people who are renting, living in apartments, or in houses that are shaded, or who are not able to afford to invest in a whole system.

Currently this project is available for the Northern Rivers, and businesses and individuals interested in becoming a member can register their interest here.


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