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Enova Community

Giving back to the Community

Enova Community is the not-for-profit arm of Enova Community Energy

As a social enterprise, Enova Community Energy will return 50% of profits (after tax and reinvestment) from its retail arm Enova Energy, into Enova Community, to help facilitate a range of community projects focused on energy efficiency and community owned renewable energy.

Based in Byron Bay, Enova Community Ltd is the not-for-profit arm of Enova Community Energy. A registered charity, we work to help all members of the community reduce their energy use and access renewables.

Enova Community’s objectives are to:

Advancing the natural environment by
• reducing carbon emissions generated through the consumption of fossil fuel energy.
• promoting development and use of renewable energy resources.

Advancing social or public welfare of communities by relieving energy poverty and assisting low socio-economic groups by undertaking the following activities
• educating low income households in the efficient use of energy and the means of lowering energy consumption
• assisting low income households and disadvantaged communities to install energy saving and renewable energy technologies
• working with community organisations and welfare agencies to finance shape and deliver social benefit projects that ensure the community as a  whole can be included in the shift to renewable energy.

Community Projects


Collaborations & Partnerships


Energy Efficiency



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