Optional Renewable Energy Extras

Help encourage more investment in renewable energy generation. To make it easy and affordable, Enova has introduced Energy Plans to which you can include a choice of up to 3 renewable energy additional elements.

These include:

  1. Enova Community Renewable 100:  Community generated Renewable Energy sourced from the Enova community.
  2. Enova’s Renewable Development Initiative (RDI):  Help kick-start renewable energy by contributing to community solar generation projects and increase their viability.
  3. GreenPower 100: Choose affordable government accredited 100% GreenPower – and help tip the scales away from fossil fuels


Community Renewable 100

Renewable Energy Development (RDI)

20 October, 2016

GreenPower Program

The aims of the Program are to: Facilitate the installation of new renewable energy generators across Australia beyond mandatory requirements. Encourage growth in consumer demand for renewable energy. More >