Be a Part of Enova’s First Community-Owned Solar Garden

Want to reduce your energy bill with solar but can’t access it?

Help us power-up this groundbreaking project by purchasing your own solar panel(s) in the solar garden to obtain credits on your electricity account. We’re hosting public events to share more information.

Be a part of the energy revolution to transition to 100% renewable power.

At these events, you’ll be able to put your name in for one (or more) of the solar panels. So if you have ever wanted to have your own solar panel, or entire solar system but can’t due to renting, moving, shady sites or other reasons – then this is the solar solution for you. Want to get started now? Register here and we’ll be in touch:


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Join the Energy Revolution, Even if You Can’t Have Solar at Home!


Enova launches Byron Shire’s First Community-owned Solar Garden

Renting, living in an apartment, or can’t afford a whole system and still want solar?

Enova makes it possible. Read on to find out how the garden works, and how it can save you money.

Enova Energy has announced it is building a first-of-its kind project here in the Northern Rivers region so that renters and others who can’t install rooftop solar, can still invest in panels and reap the benefits of solar.

Interest is growing in the solar garden – which will be community owned, but managed and maintained by Enova Community Energy.


About the solar garden

Enova is set to build a 99kW solar system and “sell” the panels to customers who can’t have solar at home – for whatever reason: because they are renting, they live in apartments, in houses that are shaded, or can’t afford to invest in a whole system.

“This makes rooftop solar more affordable and accessible for everyone. We didn’t think that we’d be able to offer this so quickly – but it is here,” says Enova Chair Alison Crook.

The term solar garden comes from Germany. In Europe, these are fast becoming the way of the future of energy generation. We are using the term ‘Gardens’ to refer to smaller-scale community-based projects in which people hold plots, to distinguish them from large-scale ‘solar farms’.


How you’ll save

Credit on your energy bill: Customers will be able to subscribe to solar capacity in increments of 1kW. The upfront price is expected to be app $1,000 for each kilowatt, and members of the solar garden will then be able to become customers of Enova Energy and receive credits on their bill for the value of the generation less the costs to manage it. Credits will amount to a return of between 8% and 23% per year, depending on the number of kilowatts a customer has and how many they use. For example, for a customer getting a return of 23%, this represents about a $230 reduction in annual energy bills for each kilowatt.

20-year life-span: Long after the panels have paid for themselves customers will continue to receive credits on their bill, for the life of the panels, which is 20 years. And because membership is portable, if you move house you can still retain your membership.

Customers or ‘members’ will receive credit minus the costs for the garden to be managed and maintained by Enova Energy. The company will ensure that panels are serviced regularly for the 20-year warrantied life.


How the garden works

“Membership” in the solar garden is portable – so renters can still get their rebate if they move houses, but stay with Enova as a supplier. Memberships can also be sold. And they can be bought as gifts – so long as the recipient is an Enova customer.

“The existing energy generation model is changing, and this is just one example of a cooperative model that puts energy production into the hands of the community and decentralizes the energy grid, says Alison Crook.

“As time goes on we will see a lot more of these initiatives, as has been the case particularly in Europe where the push for renewable energy is very strong. “


Why community-owned?

Our community-owned model means that the solar garden is owned by the local community – you! This is a not-for-profit, community initiative. Our first garden is being made possible as we have a generous local ethical investor who is providing the funds up front for the establishment of the project, including the hardware and infrastructure.

Our Enova customers who have been buying Renewable Development Initiative (RDI) energy plans and options, have contributed to the funds needed for setup costs. The funds generated from the solar garden members subscribing for their solar panel/s will pay off the loan.

Enova’s vision is of our community powering themselves from community-owned renewable energy resources. This way, the funds and power is invested back in our community, creating a strong resilience for our region. Enova’s community-owned solar garden is the solution for anyone renting or in a situation where they can’t put solar on at home. And for those that want to be part of our first solar garden – welcome!


Why this is so good for our region?

“The timing of this couldn’t be better now that we’re seeing the Federal Government yet again sideline meaningful long-term strategic policy around renewable energy, and indicate that it will scrap renewable subsidies by 2020,” Enova Managing Director Tony Pfeiffer says.

“So communities need to take their own action, and Enova Community Energy is now making that possible,” he says.

“As our community gets more committed to growing our rate of renewables, and community initiatives like COREM, ZEB and other renewable energy advocates get greater traction, an increase in solar energy made by locals for locals couldn’t come at a better time,’ he says.

Solar farms and gardens are making a considerable impact world-wide towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions and meeting clean energy targets. Community-owned solar gardens are crucial in helping our region meet its courageous target of transitioning to 100% renewable power within the next 2-8 years.

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Not yet a customer?

To join the initiative, you must become an Enova customer!  Check out our plans or give our Northern Rivers based team a call on 02 5622 1700



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